How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

You may have heard that men and women have different sexual needs. While this is true, there are still some basic principles you can use to ensure that your partner is happy in bed. Here are few tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed. 

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed
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Eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most important things you can do to arouse a woman. It shows your partner that you’re interested in them, which makes them feel more comfortable around you. If she’s feeling self-conscious or unsure about what she wants from the relationship, an attentive man will help her figure out how to open up and show her feelings more often.

In addition, eye contact is another way for men and women alike to tell each other exactly where they stand in this new dynamic: whether it’s dominance or submission (or something else). For example, if one person looks down at the floor while talking with another person who is taller than him/herself—that person looks submissive because he needs someone else there who has more authority over him/herself! That doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect himself; rather than feeling like he has power over others around him (which would make sense given his position on earth), this individual feels like his place within society depends entirely upon having someone else present who can speak on behalf of everyone else (such as God).

Compliment her

Compliments are a powerful tool for building attraction and sexual chemistry. If you want to get laid, start complimenting her!

  • Compliment her physical appearance: “You have beautiful eyes.”
  • Compliment her personality: “I love how excited you are about this.”
  • Or compliment her taste in music or food—you could even bring up an artist whose work she admires (or a dish she loves), or even the genre of music that’s playing at the moment. If the conversation goes well enough and there’s mutual interest between you two, then this is an opportunity to show off just how much fun your night will be because of all these little things that keep coming out of your mouth. It shows that while they might not know everything about life yet (and maybe they shouldn’t), they can still find ways to enrich others’ lives through their own interests and passions!


It’s the part of sex that many people don’t think about, and for good reason—it’s often relegated to the “after” part of the experience. But foreplay can be just as important as the act itself! It can be as simple as kissing or cuddling with a partner, or it could even involve toys like vibrators and dildos (or even better yet: both!). The point is that foreplay isn’t just something you do after you’ve already had sex—it’s something you do before it too!

Body Language

Body language is a key part of sexual arousal. The way you move and stand can tell someone whether you’re comfortable with them or not, what kind of mood you’re in, and even how much experience they sense from your body language. If someone moves into an unfamiliar position on the bed but doesn’t pay attention to their partner’s reaction (or worse yet, ignores it completely), it can be hard for them to feel at ease during sex—and this will make it difficult for them to reach orgasm.

In addition to communicating confidence in bed, body language also communicates passion: if one person sits up straight while another slouches against the wall behind them, there’s likely going to be tension between those two people during sex; likewise if one person lays flat out while another gets into position on top of him/herself–that could lead right over into an argument after all!

Be a leader – Make her feel safe

As the man in your relationship, you’ll want to take control of the situation and make sure that she feels safe while you do so. You can do this by being assertive and confident without being aggressive or domineering—you don’t want her thinking that she has no choice but to submit because she doesn’t have any other options at all (which is why we say being a gentleman isn’t just about being nice). Instead, focus on making good choices for yourself and your partner when it comes time for sex; this will help build trust between both parties so that there’s less room for doubt once things get intimate!

Be Patient

Being patient is a key part of being a good lover. Your partner should be able to feel the slow burn, not get frustrated or bored by it. Be patient with yourself too; if you don’t have the time or energy to put in the effort required for sex, then don’t expect your partner to either!

Be patient with your body as well: You may feel tired or sore from exercise or other activities today—but this doesn’t mean that now is not an ideal time for intimacy. If anything, taking care of yourself will make it easier for both of you later on when things get hot and heavy (and possibly messy).

The same goes for being patient around all aspects of sensual pleasure: If feelings aren’t there right away — if they come later than usual — then no amount of persuasion will help; what matters most is finding out what works best for both partners’ bodies first before making any decisions about how long things should last etcetera…


In sum, you want to satisfy your partner in bed. This can sound like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a little patience, some foreplay and lots of communication between the two of you! If there’s one thing we can say about women and what they want from men when it comes time for sex (and everything else), it’s this: Tell us what feels good so that we can make sure yours does too!

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