If you’re a smoker or vaper, it’s likely that your health insurance company has some kind of nicotine test in place. These tests can be tricky to pass and false positives are common. The best way to get lower premiums is to quit smoking and vaping. But are you wondering how to pass a nicotine test for health insurance? There are more than one ways to do this.

Know the testing methodologies and false positives

How To Pass A Nicotine Test For Health Insurance
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To pass a nicotine test, you must understand the testing methodologies and false positives.

  • The first thing to know is that there are two different types of tests for nicotine: a tobacco test and a nicotine test. The tobacco test will detect any amount of tobacco in your system, while the nicotine-free test only looks for traces of synthetic drugs like cocaine or methadone, which have similar affects on your body as cigarettes do (they slow down brain activity). 

Take a home test if you have time

If you have time and want to try, there are several ways to take a home test.

You can purchase one of the following:

  • A kit that comes with everything you need to test yourself at home (about $20)
  • Test strips that allow you to use urine samples as a reference point for determining how much nicotine is in your system (about $10-$20)
  • A device called Nicoderm CQ, which uses patches instead of strips and also analyzes levels of cotinine—a metabolite produced by nicotine—in your body. The patches come in three sizes: 25mcg/hr; 50mcg/hr; 100mcg/hr

Drink plenty of water a few days in advance

To prepare for the test, drink plenty of water a few days in advance. Water helps flush nicotine out of your system and keep you hydrated, which is helpful for passing a nicotine test. It also helps with staying healthy and feeling good about yourself.

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If you’re worried that drinking too much water will make it hard to pass the test or if you don’t like the taste or smell of plain H2O (or whatever type of water), consider adding some fruit juice or soda pop instead! The sweet flavors will mask any effects from added caffeine/salt/other additives found in most store-bought beverages—and they taste better anyway!

Don’t smoke within 24 hours of the test

The best way to avoid a failed test is not to smoke or vape within 24 hours of your appointment. This means you should refrain from smoking or vaping in the morning, afternoon and evening. It’s also important not to do so at night—even if you’re getting up early!

Don’t chew gum on the day of the test

Don’t chew gum on the day of your test. Chewing gum, especially minty varieties, can lead to false positives if your saliva contains nicotine. Also don’t eat or drink anything minty before going for your test—that includes breath strips and chewing gum. If you smoke or vape during this time, stop smoking or vaping immediately and avoid eating any foods containing mints until after you’ve taken your test; otherwise, it could give off an indication that you’ve been chewing them in preparation for the exam!

Nicotine tests can be tricky and false positives are common. The best way to get lower premiums is to quit smoking and vaping.

To pass a nicotine test for health insurance, you first need to know what it entails. A nicotine test involves testing your blood or urine for traces of nicotine within 24 hours after using tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes). If the levels are too high in either sample then you’ll be deemed as having used tobacco products while they were still on their way down your throat via inhalation; this could mean that you’ve been smoking even though there aren’t any visible signs at home or work!


If you have health insurance and are worried about passing a nicotine test, then it’s probably time to quit smoking. Smoking is bad for your health, and if you want lower premiums then you should stop doing it! It is also important to note that many employers will not hire smokers because they believe that these individuals don’t care about their health or appearance.

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