Cutting your curtains can be a scary task. You don’t want to cut off too much or get cut yourself, but you also need to know how much length is enough so that the curtains will fit nicely. This is where a simple guide like this one comes in handy. We’ll walk you through all of the steps on how to cut curtain bands: washing your hair, parting it where you want the bangs to start and measuring them with a ruler or measuring tape before trimming away!

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Wash your hair.

When you’re ready to cut your curtains, first wash your hair. You want it clean and dry so that when you’re cutting the bangs, they don’t get caught in the fabric of your curtain. This will also help ensure a better result as well! If you’d like to speed up this process even more, use a hair dryer on low heat (not high) while washing up first.

Part your hair where you’d like the bangs to start.

You can part it anywhere on the head, or in a straight line across the side of your head, or even at an angle.

The key is that you want to make sure that when you cut them off, they will fall naturally and look good enough that people won’t notice anything different about them.

Section off the long part of your hair.

To begin, you’ll need to part your bangs. This can be done by combing through them with a wide-tooth comb or using a blow dryer on low heat and then brushing them out of the way. Once you have separated your hair into two sections, measure how much of each section you want to keep and cut off that amount from each side of your head with scissors or an Exacto knife (this should be about 1/4 inch).

Then use another ruler or measuring tape to determine how much of each side should be removed so that they’re even with one another in terms of length (about 3/8 inch). You’ll also want this measurement when cutting down toward the end: Cut approximately 1/2 inch above where they meet up at their end point!

You’ll want to hold the remaining hair up with clips or pins because you won’t be cutting it. 

This is a good time to use some scissors, but don’t cut your bangs yet! This is the hair you will use to make the bangs. You need to hold it up so you can see what you are doing, and also because you don’t want to cut the wrong hair.

Take down the top section first and put it aside for now.

First, take down the top section of your curtain and put it aside for now. You can also cut it off later if you want to, but for now we’ll use this as a guide for cutting the rest of our bangs.

Now take down the second section!

If you followed all of these steps, you should have two sections of curtain hanging over your head. If not, go back and try again!

Now measure from where the first section was cut to where it meets the ceiling in order to determine how much longer than the first section needs to be cut off. You can use this measurement as a guide for cutting off all other bangs once they’re up on their own supports (which aren’t attached yet).

Split your bangs into two sections and make sure you have dry, clean hair before you continue.

Use a comb to measure how much of each section of bangs you want to cut off. Mark that measurement on the comb with a pen or pencil so that you can easily identify which part is being cut off later on in this process.

Take the comb and rest it on top of one of those sections, parallel to your forehead.

Now start cutting from top down at a 45-degree angle until you have cut off all that material—the long piece and everything in between. Once done, take the scissors and trim any remaining pieces off until there’s nothing left but thin strands.

Use a ruler or measuring tape to determine how much of your bangs you want to cut off, and mark that measurement on the comb with a pen or pencil.

Make sure they’re even with your eyebrows (if they aren’t, trim them with scissors). You can use a mirror to help you see what angle looks best for you—but be careful not to get too close!

Use this “ruler” as a guide when trimming your bangs!

To start, you’ll need to use a ruler or measuring tape to determine how much of your bangs you want to cut off. Mark that measurement on the comb with a pen or pencil.

Next, use the comb as a guide when trimming your bangs so they’re even in length.

If there is any unevenness in length after trimming with this method—for example if one side is longer than another—you can simply snip off any excess hair with scissors (or better yet, get help from someone else).

Trim away, using that new “ruler” as a guide!

Cut with scissors or a comb and pin in place; then trim away any excess hair that doesn’t fit into the allotted space (the “ruler” will help you keep things straight).

Finally, use a fine-toothed comb to remove any stray hairs left behind after trimming down your bangs. So they look neat and cleanly shorn!

Now, it’s time to trim your bangs. Use a mirror to see what you’re doing and cut in a straight line. This will help ensure they don’t get cut off at an angle or too short on one side.


Cutting curtain bangs is an easy way to change up your look, but it takes a little trial and error. You might want to try this at home first! When deciding how much length you want on your bangs, take into consideration the length of your hair before cutting: if they’re too long, then trimming them down will make them even shorter than they already were.

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