In need and wondering how to make yourself throw up? If you’re like me and can’t tolerate the thought of throwing up in public, there are a few things that may help. I’ve tried them all at one time or another (with mixed results) and here’s what worked for me.

Try to imagine something disgusting.

how to make yourself throw up
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Remember that nausea is a common symptom of vomiting. If you’ve ever thrown up in the past, it can be helpful to imagine that experience again and think about what made you feel like throwing up.

Try to picture yourself standing near a toilet during your next meal. Think about how disgusting and revolting the smell is—how awful it smells when your mouth starts watering uncontrollably just from thinking about it! Then picture yourself sitting on top of the toilet, leaning over its edge as far as possible while still being able to see out into space (or maybe even putting both arms straight down by your side). Now use all of these things at once: Your mind’s eye should see every detail vividly in front of them; they should hear every sound around them; their sense of smell should become stronger than usual because they’re focused so intently on this image—and then suddenly everything changes when one thought comes into mind: “I’m going to puke right now!”

Make yourself gag.

If you’re feeling brave, try gagging yourself by sticking your finger down your throat. This will make you gag and throw up, but don’t swallow the vomit! You can also use a straw to do this (if you’re not feeling so brave).

If these methods aren’t working for you, consider using an eye dropper to get all the way into your stomach cavity and then pour water down there or something similar until it comes up again.

Stomach massage.

You can massage your abdomen in a circular motion or up and down, for as long as you feel comfortable. The length of time that you massage will depend on how much space is available in your room and your own personal technique. If there’s not enough room, try lying on the floor instead of on a bed or couch.

If it feels like vomiting is imminent and doesn’t let up after several minutes of stomach massage, stop! You’re probably just hungry and need food or water to keep from feeling nauseous again soon (or maybe even right now).

Use the fingers.

  • Use the index and middle fingers to rub the back of the throat.
  • Massage this area until you feel nauseous and then retch, if possible.
  • If you can’t make yourself throw up, go to a doctor immediately!

Watch others vomit.

Watching someone else vomit can make you feel sick. It is best to avoid watching others vomit until the very end, as this can trigger your own vomit reflex and result in a mess. You should also be careful about what you watch if it’s not something that feels comfortable or natural for yourself—for example, if watching someone drink something disgusting makes you want to throw up too!

Watching others vomit provides valuable insight into how the human body works at its most basic level: digestion and absorption of food into our bloodstreams. This knowledge could help guide future attempts at vomiting when no one else is around (or even when there is someone else present).

Smell a vomit-inducing substance.

If you’re trying to make yourself throw up, the best way to do it is by smelling something that reminds you of the vomit. You can use your own, or someone else’s (or even all of them).

The smell of vomit is a trigger for many people and will cause them to feel nauseous and want to puke. But it doesn’t just bring back memories; when they smell something like rotten eggs, they’ll begin vomiting as well! This can be very useful if someone wants another person who has been poisoned by bad food poisoning in order not only prevent further damage but also stop any spreading of illness throughout their household because now everyone at home knows exactly what happened earlier today—and now there’s no more chance whatsoever of anyone else getting sick either!

Use an emetic medication.

If you’re looking to induce vomiting, there are many different medications available. Some are chemical and some are natural. However, it’s important that you know how to use them properly and that your reason for doing so is legitimate (such as an allergic reaction).

In general, emetics work by stimulating the gag reflex. The more intense the stimulation of this reflex, the more likely someone will vomit regardless of what kind of substance they consumed or drank before ingesting it—even if they weren’t sick at all!

If you MUST throw up, try all these things until one of them works for you.

Mixing different types of food or drinks together can help with stomach-aches and nausea. Try eating food that’s been mixed with other items before; this way, your body will have a chance to get used to the new tastes and textures in its stomach while it’s still digesting other foods. Also try mixing water with an acidic drink like lemonade or pickle juice—this will make your mouth burn if it comes into contact with those ingredients!

Eating ginger root may help settle an upset stomach because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in the intestines and help relieve cramping associated with indigestion (1). Ginger also contains antioxidants which may fight off harmful free radicals within our bodies (2). If these aren’t enough reasons for you then maybe try using ginger tea instead…the only difference being how much water goes into each cup!


Now that you know how to make yourself throw up, hopefully you’ll never have to use it again. 

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